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The Glen Keen Heritage Restoration & Preservation Programme


“Centuries of built heritage exist at  Glen Keen, the walls exude the energy and efforts of our ancestors”


Glen Keen was once inhabited by 40 Irish Tenant Farm families from the late 1600s to 1847, the tenantship was under the local landlord, the Marquis of Sligo.


Today, the valley at Glen Keen provides a living museum, home to centuries of Irish heritage etched throughout the landscape, including the unharvested potato ridges from the 1840s famine years.  There is an abundance of built heritage here which, include two Bronze Age Ring Forts, an ancient ‘Cilin’ Burial ground and a number of original tenant farm houses, some of these buildings have been dated 1000 years from a recent archaeological site visit.


We are all caretakers of the land, our vision at Glen Keen is to protect, repair and preserve our heritage.


There are ongoing restoration and repair works to ensure our built heritage remains for generations ahead of us.


If you would like to participate in this preservation project we would be extremely grateful.  There is a donation box provided or if you wish to talk to us about our donor’s programme for this project please email: or contact Jim or Catherine at +353 87 6167396


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Sheep Adoption Programme

Sponsor a Mountain Blackface Sheep

This will contribute to the support, maintenance and preservation of the Scottish Blackface Sheep that reside at Glen Keen Farm. Annual sponsorship is €50 per year.  Adopt your sheep today!


The smoked stained chimney breasts and the old sleeping lofts remind us of the very basic, hard living conditions our ancestors endured

Heritage Map Glen Keen 1836

Bronze Age Ringfort at Glen Keen

We wish to advise visitors pre-booking is essential and no pets permitted as this is a working farm.

Glen Keen Farm, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Telephone 353 (0)87 616 7396 Email

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